DG cargo shipping 

Transport Solution for Dangerous Goods / Hazard Cargo

Dangerous Cargo by Air or Sea
DGL Freight has distinguished itself for years with its in-depth expertise in the area of dangerous goods. Everyone that is dangerous goods has a legal and moral responsibilty to do this in safe way. Dangerous goods (DG), are subtances that when transported are a risk to health, safety, propery or the environment, such lithium batteries, chemical, plastics, paint, food flavourings, perfume, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, dyes, radioactive, explosive and acids. Our staff is highly trained & more than 20 years experience to offer our customers a complete dangerous goods logistics solution by sea, air and road transportation. In addition to the above, DGL FREIGHT offers the freight forwarding industry the possibility to have their Dangerous Goods checked prior to lodging to the handling agents. This check is in complete compliance with IATA & IMDG standards based on existing regulation

  • Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods (CPC / SDS)
  • CMR / ADR / ADN / RID
  • Multi Modal Dangerous Goods Form
  • Trem cards
  • MSDS Service
  • DG Check Sheets / LPK submission
  • Labels

Packaging – DGL FREIGHT has a wide variety of UN and temperature controlled packaging material. We offer you on-site packaging solutions where our trained staff will pack your products in compliance with the national and international transport regulations.

Available Packaging:

  • Fibreboard boxes
  • Fibre Drums
  • Plastic Drums
  • Steel Drums
  • Plastic Jerry cans
  • Thermal Control Units
  • Biological and Infectious Packaging
  • Plywood Boxes
  • Plastic and wooden pallets

Cold chain solutions:

  • Dry Ice
  • Cold Packs
  • Data Loggers
  • Envirotainer fill up

DG Consultant - Our consultants analyze current transport processes and implement changes which will result in the following:

  • Complete control over your operational procedures
  • Compliance with national and international regulations
  • Cost-Effective shipping of Dangerous Goods
  • Safe shipping of Dangerous Goods

To conclude, to your dangerous goods safety and efficiently you need to have dangrous goods management integrated in your tools and warehous to be able to manage your goods storage efficiently. Our namable customer from various economic and industrial business area - Automotive, Chemicals, Aerospace, Mining, Pyrotechnics and more. DGL Freight give guarantee saving-time and cost advises in complete accordance with the existing regulations. 

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